What Is A PCV License?

What Is A PCV License

Obtaining a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) license is essential for those aspiring to drive buses and coaches professionally. At Heads of the Valleys Training, PCV training is extremely popular, and we train people from multi-national companies on a weekly basis for both Category D (buses and coaches) and D1 (Minibuses).

Understanding The PCV License

The PCV licence, short for “Passenger Carrying Vehicle” licence, is a legal requirement for individuals in the UK who wish to drive buses and coaches. It signifies that the holder has demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate vehicles designed to carry passengers.

At Heads of the Valleys Training, we offer the following PCV driver training courses:

  • Category D1 – Allows you to drive Minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats
  • Category D1+E – Allows you to drive Minibuses with trailer with a trailer more than 750 kg
  • Category D – Allows you to drive buses and coaches with more than 16 passenger seats
  • Category D+E – Allows you to drive buses and coaches with a trailer more than 750 kg

As well as the practical training, we also provide the required CPC modules and the driver’s medical.

What is the difference between a PSV licence and a PCV licence?

Essentially, they have no distinction and are effectively the same type of license.

“Public Service Vehicle” (PSV) is an older designation, whereas “Passenger Carrying Vehicle” (PCV) is a newer term adopted by the EU.

Additions To Your PCV License

Enhancing your PCV license with additional trailer categories such as D1+E can offer several significant benefits, such as more job opportunities, increased employability and flexibility.

As with our trailer training courses, you will practice a reversing manoeuvre, uncoupling and recoupling procedures on-the-road driving, as well as a practical driving test.

Other training is also available at Heads of the Valleys, and we are happy to talk you through any appropriate additional training you may wish to undertake.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with PCV training involves several key steps, beginning with completing provisional application forms, attending a driver medical and passing the relevant theory tests.

The first step is to book and arrange your driver medical. You will need to complete the D2 and D4 application forms, which we will supply for you. The medical itself takes approximately 15 minutes and includes basic health questions, an eyesight and a blood pressure test.

Whilst you wait for your provisional application to be processed by DVLA, you can begin studying for your PCV theory tests. We will give you access to our comprehensive online theory training portal, so that you can prepare from the comfort of your own home, around your day-to-day commitments.

We can book and arrange all of this for you as part of our PCV Starter Pack, with an initial payment of just £250.

Once your theory tests are complete, we can then arrange your Practical Driver Training.

Maintaining a PCV Licence

In order to keep their licence valid, at age 45 PCV drivers must attend a Driver Medical every 5 years.

If driving professionally, PCV drivers will also need to complete 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic Training every 5 years, in order to maintain their CPC qualification card.

Final Words

Holding a PCV license opens up a range of benefits and opportunities within the transport sector.

From public transportation services to private coach firms, it’ll open many doors, and the training courses are certainly a worthwhile investment.

If you have any questions about a PCV license in general or the training we provide, feel free to get in touch, and we will try our best to answer them.