Driver CPC Periodic Training (35hrs)

Driver CPC is a mandatory qualification for anyone who wishes to use their LGV or PCV licence professionally, i.e. for work purposes or to be paid as a driver.

For more information on the Driver CPC directive and the exemptions please click here.

Driver CPC Periodic Training

Driver CPC Periodic Training is made up of 5 x 7 hour modules. Each module consists of a different topic area (see below).

Modules are classroom based, and are attendance only. There is no pass or fail element – providing you attend, you are guaranteed to achieve the hours towards your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). These modules can be completed at your own leisure, however you will not be issued with your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) until you have completed the full 35 hours.

Driver Qualification Cards are valid for five years, starting from the day you finished your final module. You will need to complete a further 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years to keep your DQC valid. We advise drivers who already have their DQC to complete 1 x 7 hour module each year. 

Important notice about repeating Driver CPC modules: On 27 August 2020, JAUPT & DVSA issued a notice to approved centres stating that drivers should aim to complete 7 hours of training each year and cover a range of subjects. They advised that drivers should not repeat the same course unless there is a specific need. You can read more by clicking here.

We currently offer the following modules:

LGV Driver CPC Modules:

  • Counterterrorism Measures for the LGV Driver (7hrs)
  • Drivers Hours Regulations & Digital Tachographs (7hrs) 
  • Emergency Actions & Safe and Economic Driving (7hrs) 
  • Food and Drink Logistics (7hrs) 
  • Haulage Operations: Road Freight, Compliance & Enforcement (7hrs) 
  • Load Safety & Mental Health (7hrs) 
  • Mental Health & Manual Handling (7hrs) 
  • Mental Health & On The Road (7hrs) 
  • Road Traffic Incident Management Skills (7hrs) 
  • The Professional Driver & Health and Safety (7hrs) 

PCV Driver CPC Modules:

  • Analogue and Digital Tachographs & Emergency Actions (7hrs)
  • Drivers Hours Regulations & The Professional Driver (7hrs)
  • Drivers' Hours Regulations & Analogue and Digital Tachographs (7hrs)
  • Operational Compliance and Enforcement & Health and Safety (7hrs)
  • Road Traffic Incident Management Skills (7hrs) 
  • Drivers Hours Regulations & Passengers (7hrs)

Corporate Bookings

We are able to offer flexible training solutions and discounted rates for fleet/corporate bookings. Training can be delivered at customer premises if preferred.

We are also able to manage your fleet Driver CPC training requirements with automated notifications and reminders when your drivers are nearing expiry.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.