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Multiple Choice

Pass Mark: 85 out of 100

Time Limit: 1hr 15 mins

100 ‘multiple choice’ style questions. You must correctly answer at least 85 to pass this test.

Questions relate to 14 different topic areas, all of which can be accessed and practiced via our online theory revision portal.

Hazard Perception

Pass Mark: 67 out of 100

Time Limit: Approx. 20 mins

You must click to identify developing hazards when they appear on the screen.

You will see 19 clips of film, each of which is approximately 1 minute in duration. Each clip has at least 1 hazard you will be scored on, although one of the clips will have 2 hazards. You will therefore see 20 hazards in total.

Each hazard is worth a maximum of 5 points. The quicker you react to spotting the developing hazard, the higher you score.

There are 100 points available (20 hazards multiplied by 5 points each). You must score atleast 67 points to pass this test.

Driver CPC Case Studies

Pass Mark: 40 out of 50

Time Limit: 1hr

This test looks similar to Multiple Choice, but has a case study supporting it on the left. You must read the case study before answering the questions.

You will see 7 case studies in total, and will be asked between 6 to 8 questions on each one. You will be asked a total of 50 questions, and must answer at least 40 correctly to pass this test.

The answers will come from knowledge gained from the Multiple Choice test (industry specific knowledge) or information within the case study itself. A good score on the Multiple Choice theory test will certainly help in preparation for the CPC Case Studies.