NEW: Changes to licencing and testing

DVSA Update issued Friday 10 September 2021

On Friday 10 September, DVSA announced the following changes:

1. Car & Trailer (BE) test to be abolished

As of 20 September, DVSA will no longer be conducting Car & Trailer (BE) driving tests.

Everyone with a category B (car) driving licence will be automatically issued with a BE (Car & Trailer) driving licence. There will no longer be a requirement to sit a practical driving test to attain this category.

We are still able to offer basic training of competency for those who wish to gain the required skills to use trailers. Please contact us if this is something you require.

Please note that no date has yet been set for when this comes into effect. DVSA will publish more information when possible.

2. Removing staging requirements for licence acquisition (i.e. car to LGV CE Class 1)

Candidates will now be able to move from a car licence (category B) to LGV CE (Class 1 Articulated), without the requirement to pass their LGV C (Class 2 Rigid) first. This is optional, and those who only choose to complete LGV C (Class 2) will still be able to do so.

Although this announcement has been made, the changes now need to pass through the legal stages. We have been given no indication as to how long this will take. 

3. Changes to the off-road manoeuvres (uncouple/recouple & reverse exercises)

In the future, approved testing facilities will be able to sign off the reverse and uncouple/recouple manoeuvres.

This will likely be detached from the practical driving test, meaning the DVSA examiner will only be required to assess the on-the-road driving element of the test.

It is worth noting that candidates will still be required to pass the reverse and uncouple/recouple manoeuvres to successfully attain their licence. 

Information for customers

Those waiting to complete LGV training:

You may choose to wait until you are able to move straight to LGV CE (Class 1), rather than completing LGV C (Class 2) first. It is worth noting that DVSA have not announced when the changes will come into effect, and therefore we are unable to arrange this training until a formal date has been set. We have no indication as to how long this will take.

You can expect a course from car to LGV CE (Class 1) to take approximately the same training time and cost as the current C + CE courses combined (approx. 4-5 days, ~£2700).

Alternatively, you can stick to the original method and attain your LGV C (Class 2) first, and return at a later date for LGV CE (Class 1). We are encouraging all customers currently in the process to continue as normal.

Before you can begin training you will need to have completed your driver medical, provisional application and theory tests. You can read more about our Starter Pack by clicking here, or alternatively contact us for more information.

Those who already have an LGV C (Class 2) licence, looking to upgrade to LGV CE (Class 1):

You will need to sit and pass an LGV CE (Class 1) practical driving test. This includes the reverse exercise, uncouple/recouple exercise and on-the-road driving assessment.

This will be completed in the traditional format with 2.5 days of 1-to-1 training, including practical test. 

Please contact us to discuss costs and availability.

Those who have Car & Trailer (BE) training booked:

We will be contacting you as soon as possible to discuss your booking and refund any money owed.

You may still wish to continue with your training to gain a certificate of competency. No test will be required.

Further updates

Although these changes have been announced they will now be required to pass through the legal teams to adjust formal legislation.

No indication has yet been given as to when the changes will come into effect. We will update our website and social media when further information is released by DVSA.

Page updated 14 September 2021