LGV C1+E (7.5 Tonne + Trailer) Driver Training

What is a Category C1+E Licence?

A Category C1+E licence will allow you to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonne, with a trailer over 750kgs.

The combined Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of both vehicle and trailer cannot exceed 12,000kgs.

Entry Requirements

Before practical training, you will need to:

  • Complete a medical assessment and apply for your provisional licence
  • Pass your LGV theory tests

We can arrange this for you as part of our LGV Starter Pack.

C1E Training Wales

Duration: 2 Days plus test

Cost: £1255.00

*Free Accommodation*

C1E Training Wales

The Course

Our category C1+E driver training course is completed on a 1-to-1 basis and will typically follow the format below:

  • Day 1: Practice reverse manouvre, uncoupling and recoupling procedure, with assessment
  • Day 2: On-the-road practical driver training
  • Day 3: On-road practical driving test

The practical driving test is made up of two parts:

Module 3A: an ‘S shaped’ reverse exercise into a loading bay. During your driver training course, you’ll practice this exercise at our private reversing area.

Module 3B: a 60-minute on-the-road drive. This will be conducted by a DVSA driving examiner at the end of your practical training course.

Driver CPC

If you intend to use your LGV licence professionally (i.e., use your licence for work purposes/to be paid as a driver), you will need to complete your LGV Driver CPC qualification.

You can read more about Driver CPC by clicking here.

Pass Protection

For additional peace of mind, some customers wish to invest our Pass Protection insurance, priced at £395 including VAT.

This entitles you to 2 x Module 3A Retests (reverse exercise) and 2 x Module 3B Retests (on-road test), worth £878.

Free Accommodation

If you are travelling more than 70 miles then you will qualify for Free Accommodation in a local Premier Inn.

Please Contact Us to discuss.

Available C1+E (7.5T + Trailer) Courses

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Our C1+E Courses are arranged bespoke to suit your commitments. Please Contact Us to discuss availability.

No, you do not need a C1 licence in order to attend this course.

Around 10 weeks from applying for your provisional licence to sitting your practical test.

All elements of training are arranged to suit you and your commitments.

Yes we can – check out our LGV Starter Pack.

A C1 licence will allow you to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, with a trailer no larger than 750kgs.

A C1+E licence will allow you to drive bvehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, with a trailer larger than 750kgs. This is limited to a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of 12 tonnes combined weight of vehicle and trailer.

C1E Training Wales

Duration: 2 Days plus test

Cost: £1255.00 (Including VAT)

*Free Accommodation*

From £1015.00

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What Do Our Customers That Passed Their C1+E (7.5T + Trailer) Say?

Instructor kept the course interesting throughout. The training center is well-equipped and convenient. I would recommend it for any course.


Excellent training was provided leading up to the test.

The staff made me feel comfortable and confident throughout, and were all very friendly and welcoming.


Heads of the Valleys Training’s first-class instructors Steve and Lee have immense knowledge and experience and are able to converse with trainees effectively.

Great job, guys! Thank you for making the training easy!