LGV Driver CPC Module 4

Driver CPC is a mandatory qualification for anyone who wishes to use their LGV licence professionally, i.e. for work purposes or to be paid as a driver.

For more information on the Driver CPC directive and the exemptions please click here.

If you do not already hold a Driver Qualification Card (DQC), then you are able to complete LGV Driver CPC Modules 2 & 4 to gain your first. You will need to complete the following two modules in order:

LGV Driver CPC Module 2: 'Case Studies' Theory Test

    A 75 minute theory test comprised of 50 'Case Study' style questions, with a minimum pass mark of 40 out of 50.

    We are able to arrange your theory test on your behalf, and provide access to our online theory revision portal which contains all of the information required to pass.

    If you are completing your driver training with us then this is included within our LGV Starter Pack.

    LGV Driver CPC Module 4: Practical Demonstration Test

      Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test, however there is no driving involved. The examiner will ask you five questions around a static vehicle, to which you must explain and demonstrate your answer.

      Questions will relate to safety, security, prevention of illegal activity, emergency situations and defect reporting, such as:

      • Show me the checks you would perform if you believed your vehicle might be overloaded?
      • Show me how you would check this vehicle for contraband or illegal immigrants?
      • Show me the daily defect check you would perform prior to taking this vehicle on the road?
      • You may also be asked to demonstrate the use of straps, a load tensioning bar or a chain and tensioner

      We offer a half day training session in preparation for your Module 4 test. During the session, you will cover all aspects and questions that could be asked during the examination. For training purposes, we use the same vehicle and demonstration trolley that you will be using on your test.

      Your practical test will typically be conducted on the same day as training. We have our own in-house examiner on site to conduct the test at our premises.

      Upon completion, you will receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Driver Qualification Cards have a 5 year validity, starting from the day you passed your CPC Module 4 test.