LGV CE (Class 1) Direct Entry from Car

About the licence

LGV CE (Class 1) is the largest goods vehicle category you are able to attain.

This licence will allow you to drive a large goods vehicle with a gross weight over 7500kg combined with a trailer over 750kg.

This vehicle is commonly referred to as an articulated lorry, typically made up of either a conventional tractor unit and trailer or lorry and draw-bar trailer (wagon and drag).

As of November 2021, candidates now have the option to take a direct entry course from car to LGV CE, without the requirement of completing LGV C (Class 2) first.


Before you can begin practical driver training, you will need to have completed your LGV driver medical (to attain your provisional licence) and passed both LGV Multiple Choice & LGV Hazard Perception theory tests.

    We are able to arrange all of this on your behalf with our LGV Starter Pack - you can read more information on this by clicking here.

    The Course

    At Heads of the Valleys Training, we use fully automatic LGV’s for training purposes. By passing in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you will still be issued a full manual LGV CE entitlement.

      Our LGV CE driver training is completed using a conventional tractor unit and trailer combination, as opposed to a draw-bar trailer. Our vehicles have been carefully sourced and selected, to ensure your driver training is as straight forward as possible. As of 2022, the majority of our LGV training fleet has been ordered from new.

      Our driver training course is split into two parts:

      Module 3A: an ‘S shaped’ reverse exercise into a loading bay + uncouple/re-couple procedure

      This is 1 day in duration, completed approximately one week prior to Module 3B training start date.

      You will learn and practice these exercise at our private test facility throughout this 1 day (7 hour) course. When you feel ready, our in-house delegated assessor will conduct and sign-off this part of the test.

      Module 3B: on-the-road driver training + test

      Once 3A is complete you will return to us for 5 full days of 2-to-1 driver training, with practical test conducted by a DVSA driving examiner on the fifth and final day.

      We have our own private DVSA test facility on site, meaning that your practical 3B test would start and finish from our centre. This provides a huge advantage as you will be taking your test within the local area where you will have been training throughout the duration of your course. 

      Driver CPC

      If you intend on using your LGV licence professionally (i.e. use your licence for work purposes/to be paid as a driver), you will need to complete your LGV Driver CPC qualification.

        You can read more about Driver CPC by clicking here.

        Why choose Heads of the Valleys Training?

        ✅ We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ and can therefore arrange ALL elements of driver training on your behalf, including medical, theory tests and comprehensive revision materials, if required. Read more about our LGV Starter Pack by clicking here.

        ✅ We are a private DVSA test centre, meaning you will take your practical test using the same local roads you will have trained on. No more travelling to and from the test routes to prepare, and no busy city centres to worry about on your test!

        ✅ We have one of the highest pass rates in the country at 84.43% over a total of 533 DVSA tests conducted in 2019

        ✅ All of our vehicles are selected purely with training in mind, to make your practical training and test as easy as possible

        ✅ We have a dedicated training centre with on-site offices, training rooms, classrooms and amenities – feel free to call in and take a look around without appointment.

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