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Driver CPC (for new drivers), PCV Driver Training

PCV Driver CPC Module 4

Assessment type

Practical Demonstration / 'Show Me, Tell Me'

Minimum duration

1 Day

Course delivery

Classroom & Practical Training


Driver CPC is a mandatory qualification for anyone who wishes to use their PCV licence to drive professionally. Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test, however there is no driving involved. The examiner will ask you five questions around the vehicle, to which you must explain and demonstrate your answer. The test will last a maximum of 30 minutes. Questions will relate to safety of the vehicle, security, prevention of illegal activity, load or passenger care, responding to emergency situations and defect reporting. We provide a half-day training session in preparation for your test. During the session, you will be covering all aspects and questions that could be asked during the examination. Your Module 4 practical test can be completed on the same day as training, or on a separate day. Please note: this course is only suitable for drivers who are attaining their Driver CPC qualification for the first time.

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