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Trailer Training

Car & Trailer (BE) Driver Training: Experienced

Assessment type

Practical Driving Test

Minimum duration

2 Days

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Practical Driver Training


If you passed your car test after 01st January 1997, you will currently be restricted to towing a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of 3500kg. In order to lift this restriction, you must pass a Car & Trailer (BE) practical driving test. Our Experienced Course is designed for candidates who are competent car drivers, and have previous experience using/towing trailers. The course is reduced by one day in duration from the novice alternative. The test lasts around 60 minutes, and is comprised of four elements – some brief safety questions, an hour’s drive on the public highway, a reverse exercise and an uncouple / recouple exercise. We have our own private DVSA test centre on site, meaning that you will start and finish your test from the same place you have been training. The test routes are therefore around the local area, which you will be completely familiar with by the end of your course.

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