Car & Trailer (BE)

About the licence

    If you passed your car test (category B) before 01 January 1997, you will be restricted to driving a vehicle and trailer with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 3,500kgs combined. If you wish to tow anything heavier then you will be required to hold a Car & Trailer (category BE) licence. 

    You are able to sit your Car & Trailer test at the age of 17, providing that you already hold a category B (car) driving licence. You do not need to have held your licence for a certain period of time.

    There are no prerequisites for this course. You are automatically issued your category BE provisional licence upon passing your car (category B) test. You do not need to complete any additional theory tests.

    The Course

    Training is completed on a 1-to-1 basis, unless otherwise requested. Course duration depends on your current abilities and experience - please see below.

      We supply the vehicle (Ford Ranger Wildtrak) and trailer for training purposes. Our vehicles have been carefully sourced and selected, to ensure your driver training is as straight forward as possible.

      The practical test will last around 60 minutes and is made up of four parts – a few brief safety questions, a reverse manoeuvre, a trailer uncouple and recouple exercise and a practical on-the-road driving assessment.

      At Heads of the Valleys Training we have our own private DVSA test facility on site, meaning that your practical test would start and finish from our centre. This provides a huge advantage as you will be taking your test within the local area where you will have been training throughout the duration of your course. It also means that you can practice the reverse exercise at our centre each day that you are training – the same place you will be completing it on your test.

      We offer three courses dependent on your experience and capabilities:

                              Course Type




      For candidates who have never used a trailer before

      3 days including practical test


      For candidates who are experienced and competent car driver, possibly with some experience using/reversing trailers

      2 days including practical test


      For candidates who are competent car drivers, and have plenty of experience using large trailers. Candidates should be able to comfortably reverse trailers into parking bays/around corners, and be able to demonstrate uncoupling and recoupling trailers correctly.
      *Please note that this option is 90% on-the-road driving.
      Candidates are expected to have no issues reversing, manoeuvring and coupling trailers. 

      1 day + practical test

      Why choose Heads of the Valleys Training?

      ✅ We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ and can therefore arrange ALL elements of driver training on your behalf, including medical, theory tests and comprehensive revision materials, if required.

      ✅ We are a private DVSA test centre, meaning you will take your practical test using the same local roads you will have trained on. No more travelling to and from the test routes to prepare, and no busy city centres to worry about on your test!

      ✅ We have one of the highest pass rates in the country at 84.43% over a total of 533 DVSA tests conducted in 2019

      ✅ All of our vehicles are selected purely with training in mind, to make your practical training and test as easy as possible

      ✅ We have a dedicated training centre with on-site offices, training rooms, classrooms and amenities – feel free to call in and take a look around.

      Ready to get started?

      The quickest and easiest way to begin is to call our bookings team on 01873 832000.

      Alternatively, complete the form below and someone will be in touch.