About the Licence

Those who hold a D1 licence will have a restricted D1E category on their licence – the Maximum Authorised Mass must not exceed 12tonne. To lift this restriction, a D1E test will need to be taken.

You must already have passed your PCV D or PCV D1 licence to qualify for this test. You must have the D1E provisional on your license, which you can check by clicking here. You will not need to take any theory tests prior to this course.

We use our manual 6-speed Ford minibus and closed box Loadlugger trailer for training. The course is 3 days in duration, with test on the final day.

The test will last around 60 minutes and is made up of four parts – some brief safety questions, a reverse manouvre, uncouple & recouple procedure and a practical driving assessment.

At Heads of the Valleys Training, we have our own private DSA test facility (see image below). This means that tests are taken from our centre, instead of using the local testing station. This provides a huge advantage as you will be taking your test around the local areas of Gilwern, Abergavenny and Brynmawr, where you will have been training for the duration of your course. It also means that you can practice the reverse exercise at our centre each day that you are training – the same place you will be completing it on your test.

Once you have passed your test, you will be issued with your new licence. Please note that you will also have to complete your Driver CPC if you wish to use the licence to drive professionally.

Above: Heads of the Valleys Test Centre, Gilwern.