About the LGV CE Licence

LGV CE is an articulated vehicle – the tractor unit/cab detaches from the trailer. This is the largest LGV entitlement achievable.

You must be 18, and have already passed your LGV C (Class 2) licence in order to sit your LGV CE test. Please note that you do not need to have held your LGV C licence for any set period of time – you can progress to category CE straight away.

At Heads of the Valleys Training, we use fully automatic LGV’s for training purposes. By passing in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you will still be issued a full manual LGV CE entitlement. Our vehicles have been carefully sourced and selected, to ensure your driver training is as straight forward as possible.

LGV CE training is conducted using a conventional articulated vehicle – tractor unit and trailer. We do not use any drawbar trailers, or wagon drag. We believe this gives you the ‘ultimate articulated experience,’ that will be extremely adventageous in the real world, compared to other methods.

There is no need to complete any additional medical or theory tests prior to attending the course. Any Driver CPC you may already hold will also cover you for category CE.

Class 1 Illustration

The Course

We run a five day course including practical test. Courses are run at a 2:1 ratio – two trainees with one instructor. Although driving time is shared, you will remain in the vehicle all day ensuring you are familiar with the test routes.

The practical test will last around 60 minutes and is made up of four parts – a few brief safety questions, a reverse manoeuvre, an uncouple and recouple exercise and a practical driving assessment.

At Heads of the Valleys Training we have our own private DVSA test facility on site, meaning that your practical test would start and finish from our centre. This provides a huge advantage as you will be taking your test within the local area where you will have been training throughout the duration of your course. It also means that you can practice the reverse exercise at our centre each day that you are training – the same place you will be completing it on your test.

Once you have passed your test, you will be issued with your new licence. Please note that you will also have to complete your Driver CPC if you wish to use the licence to drive professionally.

Picture1Above: Heads of the Valleys Test Centre, Gilwern.

Driver CPC

If you intend on using your licence to drive professionally (to be paid as a driver/for hire or reward), it is mandatory that you hold a valid Driver CPC card.

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