About Initial Driver CPC: Mod 2 & Mod 4

Initial Driver CPC, formally known as Module 2 & Module 4, is a two-part test for LGV or PCV drivers who are gaining their Driver Qualification Card (DQC) for the first time.

Driver CPC is mandatory for anyone who wishes to use their LGV or PCV licence (C1, C1E, C, CE or D1, D1E, D, DE) to drive professionally.

Once you have completed both Module 2 + Module 4, you will be issued with your DQC. This card should be kept on you at all times when driving.

Driver Qualification Cards have a 5 year validity, starting the day you passed your Module 4 test. You will then be required to complete 35 hours of periodic training during this 5 year period, to extend your DQC for a further 5 years.

It is worth noting that the Initial CPC can only be completed once – after this, you can only complete CPC Periodic Training to renew or refresh your DQC.

Although it is the same process, you would need to complete a seperate Module 2 + Module 4 for both LGV and PCV entitlements.

DQC_frontAbove: Example of a Drivers Qualification Card (DQC)

Step One:
CPC Case Studies Theory Test (Mod 2)

You must first complete Module 2 – the Case Studies theory test.

This test is 75 minutes in duration, and made up of 50 questions in total. You will see 7 case studies, and have a series of multiple choice style answers. You will need to score 40 out of a possible 50 marks to pass this test.

The case studies are designed to test your knowledge, comprehension and application. This is done by creating a scenario or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your day-to-day tasks as a professional driver. You will need to answer the questions depending on you would react or behave in these situations.

If you are also completing LGV or PCV driver training with us, we will normally arrange this test with your Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception theory tests. We can arrange this test to suit your availability, and will provide access to our online theory portal – this contains all the material you will need to prepare for and pass the test.

Picture9Above: Our Online Theory Support for Driver CPC Case Studies

Step Two:
CPC Practical Demonstration Test (Mod 4)

Once you have passed the Module 2: Case Studies theory test, you are ready for the practical demonstration test.

This is a practical test, however there is no driving involved. The examiner will ask you five questions around the vehicle, to which you must explain and demonstrate your answer. The test will last a maximum of 30 minutes. Questions will relate to safety of the vehicle, security, prevention of illegal activity, load or passenger care, responding to emergency situations and defect reporting.

Ahead of the test, we provide a 2.5 hour training session in preparation. During the session, you will be covering all aspects and questions that could be asked during the examination. If you are completing CPC Mod 4 for LGV, you may be asked to demonstrate using a restraining device on the load demonstration trolley. You will have time to practice this during the session.

You will then leave with all paperwork and guidance notes, and return a few days later for your 30 minute test slot. There will be an opportunity before your test to recap anything you are unsure on, and we offer free telephone/email/drop-in support between your training and test date.

If you are completing your PCV or LGV driver training with us, the CPC Mod 4 will usually follow shortly after your course, providing you have passed the Mod 2 Case Studies theory test.

Upon completion, you will receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Driver Qualification Cards have a 5 year validity, starting the day you passed your CPC Mod 4 test.

demontrolAbove: Our CPC Demonstration Trolley (for LGV Mod 4) at Heads of the Valleys Training Centre