RTITB Reach Forklift Truck


Reach Lift TruckThe Reach Truck is designed to work in narrow aisle warehouses, where space is limited. The reach truck is very diverse, and has a greater reach ability than it’s relative, the Counterbalance Forklift Truck. The forks can be extended to reach the load, making the truck extremely versatile when coupled with it’s excellent manoeuvring ability.

We offer the Reach Truck course to RTITB standard, allowing the operator to use the license in several different industries. The license requires operators to complete a one day refresher course every three years, in order to maintain and keep their license valid. Upon completion, the operator will receive a certificate and photo card license, issued by RTITB.

The image shows a Counterbalance Forklift Truck (left) parked next to a Reach Forklift Truck (right).

There are four course types, dependent on past experience. These are;

  • Novice Operator

For those who have never used a Reach Forklift Truck before. Five days in duration.

  • Experienced Operator

For those who have previously used, or have some experience using, a Reach Forklift Truck. This includes those who have previously held an ‘in-house’ licence, not certified to a recognised awarding body. Three days in duration.

  • Conversion

For those who are also completing the Reach Truck alongside a Counterbalance Forklift course. As the skills are transferable, a reduced conversion course can be taken, regardless of previous experience. Two days in duration, on top of the Counterbalance Forklift course.

  • Refresher

For those who already hold a Reach Forklift Truck licence to a recognised awarding body (i.e. RTITB / ITSAAR) and are looking to refresh their entitlement for a further three years. One day in duration.